Our Mission

Open Medical is a non-profit organization focused on developing medical products for patients and providers with urgent unmet medical needs.    


Open Medical was started by a group of innovative and passionate engineers during the COVID-19 pandemic. This initiative started with a focus on a single project but quickly expanded to address a variety of unmet medical needs. 

There are many patient populations that lack of targeted medical solutions. For instance, child-sized devices do not exist for many procedures, because the market size does not justify a strong financial return.  Similar challenges arise for people having rare diseases. Unfortunately, the lack of market opportunity leaves these vulnerable groups of people without appropriate medical solutions.

Our goal at Open Medical is to drive medical innovations to the populations that need them most.  We focus the efforts of our members on the most severe unmet medical needs, regardless of the financial returns. Our non-profit structure and open-source model allows our community to innovate rapidly in addressing these ongoing medical problems.

Our Member Institutions

Open Medical is fortunate to have the University of Pennsylvania as our founding member institution.  Individuals from UPenn's medical and engineering schools have greatly contributed to Projects and the Open Medical mission.

We will be expanding our Member base in the near term.  If your organization would like to be an Open Medical Member Insititution, please contact us.

Corporate Partners