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Material options

We have received many questions regarding the ideal material options to use for the Origami Mask.  We are still exploring options, but our top recommendation at present is sterilization wrap.  This material is widely used in hospitals for sterilizing

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28 Replies · Reply by Jon Kiel May 9, 2020

Small Changes to Mask

The Origami face mask is a great solution to what I see as an upcoming need for those in the older "at risk" population (myself included), where we will need to interact with others but still be susceptable to infection.  Inexpensive, easy to make, a

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2 Replies · Reply by Bob G May 8, 2020

SVG file

I am attenpting to download the SVG file for my craft cutter, but nothing happens when I click the svg file download.  Could someone please tell me how to get that download to work?  I can cut so many more  and very accurately with the craft cutter! 

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1 Reply · Reply by Matt Bell Apr 27, 2020