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One of the ideas to accelerate manufacturing of these masks is to leverage a die-cutter to create the flat patters with pre-creases in-place.  This would significantly reduce the time required to cut and fold each of the units.  Are there any good die cutting resources out there that might be a good fit for this project?  If so, please reply to this thread and/or bring these resources into the Forum.  Thanks!

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    The die-cut for the mask is easy and cheap to make in large quantities with the help of local printing companies. They have the machines you need and the best of them can do thousands of patches per hour.

    If you need help developing the die-cut for them or in further discussions, message me

  • Hello,

    I don’t know how long it takes to make a die but I imagine it might take some time so I thought I might mention anther idea in case it’s helpful. The digital printing industry has digital cutters that can cut all kinds of sheet and roll material including fabric. This would clearly not be able to produce as large a quantity as a die cutter but it could be a more distributed option. Imagine there are many of these cutters across the country if that could somehow be harnessed.

    One company that makes these cutters is Zund. I have no association with this company, I only know of them because they just moved into a new building near where I live in Wisconsin. Here are some videos.




    • Thanks very much for the post, Jeremy.  These are good suggestions for bulk cutting of the material.  We will explore this further with some of our manufacturing partners.  For DIYers, there are a number of fabric cutting tools ($200) that are very popular in the crafing community.  Below is an example of the Circut product. There are several other fabric cutters available on the market through Amazon and other distributors:

  • I have worked with a number of die cutters over the years, some that specialize in medical products, others that do not.  In my estimation, any of the companies below could cut these components:

    -  Interstate Specialty Products - Sutton, MA  https://www.interstatesp.com/

    -  Marian - Indianapolis, IN  https://marianinc.com/

    -  JBC Technologies - North Ridgeville, OH  https://www.jbc-tech.com/

    Interstate Specialty Products excels at providing Die Cut Components & Custom Cutting Services, including digital die-less cutting to a wide variety…
  • I also found this, a list of companies that do die cutting and some have specifically reached out that they are open to assist with COVID-19 support



  • Aidan used this company to get a fairly cheap custom die and cut parts himself on a arbor press. It was a custom shaped medical tegaderm sticker




    Custom Shape Pros
    Cutting solutions for businesses and makers: Start cutting shapes in minutes instead of hours using steel-rule dies made with your designs. Free quot…
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