How to transfer the pattern

Can someone suggest the best way to copy the template accurately on to the material that will be used to make the mask? I'm planning to try making the mask using a micro filtration vacuum cleaner bag. (This will be for domestic use, not in a healthcare setting). Thanks!

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    Print the design on paper and trace onto the vacuum bag using a pencil. Practice folding the paper template before proceeding to the vacuum bag. 

    Use Tissue paper. Once the design is printed out, trace the template onto white tissue paper with all fold markings. you can then attached it using staples on the outside edge or paper clips to the vacuum bag and proceed folding. Once completly folded the tissue paper is very easy to tear off or remove. 


    I've had lots of success going the first route since the lines are guides for folding and once I have the pattern down it is easy to transfer that knowledge to folding the cloth.



  • If you have access to sheet plastic or some decently think paperboard or cardboard, you can print out the PDF pattern on your printer, cut it out and then trace it onto the plastic/paperboard.  Cut out the holes if you are able.  If not, just push a sharp object through to mark the location (you can use a hole punch or similar later).  Then tape the material you want to make the mask out to the table.  Tape or hole the plastic/paperboard template onto the material and trace it onto the material.  You can cut with a blade or with scissors.  

    Is that the best way to do it?  Probably not. But it is a decent way to make a small quantity of masks. Best of luck and please feel free to ask any additional questions.

  • Maybe stable it to the stencil and cut.  Just Staple out side of the mask. Cricut Explore Air Wireless Cutting Machine
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