I am a 3L law student at Penn Law. I partnered with a friend, Dr. Jenny Harb, an ENT at Tufts and created a duplicate of a KIMBERLY-CLARK* PFR95* N95 Particulate Filter Respirator/Surgical Mask. It is made from  CF Clean Fairy Style F Vacuum Bags for Kirby Avalir, Sentria I, II, G10, G10D, G10E, G10Se Vacuum- Replacement Kirby Vacuum Bags Part#204808 20481. I’m attaching pictures of the mask plus materials. 

Testing: Dr. Harb lab tested personally (as she would normally for a n95) at Tufts for fit using the Bitrex (Denatonium Benzoate) Solution Aerosol Qualitative Fit Test Protocol and Saccharin Solution Aerosol Protocol Fit Test, I believe those are NOISH standard tests. The mask passed both. However, we are not trained specifically in lab testing medical equipment and I would love if anyone with a connection to lab able to do a full filtration test could help facilitate! Because without that we have no idea if these will work exactly as N95s would in hospital settings. 

Construction: The masks are made by sewing together the triple-ply CF Clean Fairy Style F Vacuum Bags for Kirby Avalir, Sentria I, II, G10, G10D, G10E, G10Se Vacuum- Replacement Kirby Vacuum Bags Part#204808 20481. I attach headband elastics that wrap around the head and nose plates (covered with a thin layer of cotton to cushion) and the edges are finished with a thin layer of glue to ensure airtightness.The nose plates are made out of Adhesive Fasteners for files, the headbands are just thin elastics I bought cheap on amazon. The masks (with precut bags) take about 8 minutes to sew. I have made Regular size (L= 9in/4in, W= 4in) and Small (L= 7in/2.5in, W= 3in). 


Cost: You can get about 6 small masks per bag, 5 regular. I was able to purchase the bags on amazon for a dollar each (20 for a 20 pack):. That seller appears to be sold out but I found similarly priced bags on other websites (maybe 1.5 per bag instead of 1).  I would say the cost of materials for each mask is only 2 dollars. If we used cloth ties, the cost would be a dollar. 


Skill Level: I have a basic understanding of sewing, but had not picked up a machine in years. They are extremely simple to make. 

Fit/Wear: As the pictures demonstrate they are VERY snug to the face, the headbands hold nicely and can be repositioned depending on head shape/size. I have worn/given to friends and family to wear and they are extremely functional, do not slip off the face and restrict breathing only so much as a regular N95 would. 


Safety Note: I was told that some bags have glass fibers which are dangerous. These bags according to the manufacturer "is similar to that of ordinary masks (3 layers of non-woven fabric, the middle layer is meltblown), but the dust bag is not medically sterilized." If other bags were used, I was told to recommend using a thin layer of cloth between the mask and the face, which could easily be sewn in. 

Step by Step Directions

Please feel free to reach out to me if you are intested in this project and can assist with testing!

Email: amandasarajonas@gmail.com 

More Pictures: 



Close Up Of Neck/Chin 




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