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Attached are the latest design files optimized for the nose bridge rolle over and 7" elastic double strap. I believe the geometry for this srap attachment would be suitable for stapling 18mm wide lengths of material for the tie-behind method as well. If the angle is too shallow and intersects the ears, I can modify the pattern to bend it higher, as the current angle is optimized for balancing the angle between the two double straps and the fold tab (to reduce stress concentrations as much as possible).

Instructional Video Dropbox Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/t9v6iithxdvkg17/Instruction%20Video.mov?dl=0

Design Files for Referenced Mask: Oragami COVID Mask V6.zip (updated file as of 2:15EST with slight modification to the cheek line for better coverage)




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  • TTT

    Why aren't more people using this design?  I tried it shortly after it was posted and now I use almost only this design.  The area around the nose seems to seal better because folding extra material under provides a better seal.

    Has anyone else tried this design?

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