Hi all, my name is Young-Joo Lee, working as a postdoc. in Shu Yang group.

The design is great, it's simple and fit very well to me.

Issues had been carried out when my wife wear the mask with the same scale. SInce her face is smaller than me, gap spacing occur at nose and chin.

Of course it can be solved if we fold small scale sketch, but we add  a small idea to fit well from the original scale.


1) To tighten the chin, we thought it should be lifted up. So here, I made a large fold at the ear, this helped the mask fitted on the face more tight.

So, it would be better to let people have multiple holes at the ear, and choose their own amount of folding to find best fit.


2) For the nose, we thought the slope of the nose will vary person by person. Adding a simple folding can control the slope to be higher or lower, depending on the person.

The folded shape is like the tail of the crawfish. The folding line differ depending on the slope, see the position of the vertex.



3) A bit minor issue but to prevent paper tearing where rubber band tied, I added scotch tape. That simply strengthen the paper and make the part more durable.



At Shu's request, we also prepared a video. The link is below:



Any comments and suggestions are welcome. Thanks.


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  • Engineer

    Great post, Young-Joo!  Thank you for your collaboration!!  The nose adjustment is a very clever concept.  Is there a way to make a marking (small, med, large) on the flat pattern so that users can easily determine which size is best for their nose?  Nice work!  

    • 4286197086?profile=RESIZE_710x

      The magnitude of angle between mountains and valleys determines the slope(size). We can draw some guidelines as above picture to show the tendency.

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