Small Changes to Mask

The Origami face mask is a great solution to what I see as an upcoming need for those in the older "at risk" population (myself included), where we will need to interact with others but still be susceptable to infection.  Inexpensive, easy to make, and disposable (safely) so several can be carried and replaced if exposure is suspectied.

I came across two problems with the original design.  The use of the punched holes as guides for folding is clever, but seems to be unneccesary, and difficult using inexpensive hole punch tools easily available. The hole punches I found did not have the reach necessary to make the holes until the mask is cut out.  And, I found it is much easier to cut out the mask when it is folded most of the way. After folding 2 masks only using the guide lines, I found it much easier then lining up the holes (I spent a bit of time positioning the mask on the page so the first fold is centered on the paper).

Since I don't have the punched holes, I needed to replace the tie to hold the mask together.  I added a rectangular tab to the mask on one side, that folds and tucks into the chin area after the final fold is completed.

Last is the strap.  I reinforce the strap tabs with tape, fold down twice, punch a hole, and attach a strap made from a 15mm wide 228mm long rubber band attached to 2 small carabiners.  This strap is easily removed from old mask and attached to new one.  

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  • Sounds like a great modification, Bob.  Thanks for sharing!  Could you post a pic or two?

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