We are aiming to have the Origami Mask classified as a Surgical Respirator.  This status will provide healthcare workers a higher level of confidence in the product's safety and efficacy.  In order to achieve this classification, we need to pass a series of tests.  Below is a table that illustrates the tests that we need to complete, including those that are required for the Surgical Respirator.  












We are awaiting results from Nelson Labs for several of the tests listed here.  However, we are likely going to need to conduct additional tests on new materials, since there are multiple brands of SMS non-woven polypropylene that we are using for the Origami Mask.  (Currently, we are using the Medline Super Heavy material.)  Unfortunately, Nelson Labs has a 6-week+ lead time for testing.  So, we are seeking alternative testing facilities to help us expedite this process.


  • If you know of other testing facilities that can help with this testing, please post those this forum.
  • If you have experience developing test fixtures that may allow us to conduct these tests ourselves, please post details to the forum.

Thanks for any support that OM Members are able to provide!

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    This may be a bit off the wall, and too far a reach, but Flinders University in Adelaide SA Australia has announced a mask testing facility.


    Flinders drives Aust-first face mask test facility
    Australia’s first face mask testing facility will be established in Adelaide – harnessing the research expertise  of Flinders University and UniSA –…
    • Thanks very much for your suggestion, Bob.  We will reach out to Flinders to see if they might be able to help us.

  • Avon Protection manufactures full-face butyl-silicon rubber facepiece chemical/biological protective masks and replaceable filters for the US military.  They and their competitors may have an idea of who can test an N95 or higher design.

    The folks at DoD’s Joint Program Executive Office for Chemical and Biological Defense who buy these types of masks may also have an idea.  I’ll ask a contact there for ideas.

    • Thank you for the suggestions, Jack!  We will reach out to the folks at Avon to see if they might be able to provide testing.  Also, let us know what you hear back from your DoD contact.  

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